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What is myWeb?

We think that the Internet should be about giving you a great email service and a nicely designed website. Instead, its often about complicated web hosting accounts, fiddly FTP settings, changing DNS this and uploading files that.

We want to make it easier!

With MyWeb, you just sign up, start building a site and publish it! It really should be that simple. With MyWeb, you get access to hundreds and hundreds of pre-designed and customisable website templates for you to use for your website. You just choose your template and start adding your own stuff. You can even add videos, music and pictures to your site or add programs such as blogs, forums and feedback pages with just one click.

Digihost Hosting What powers myWeb?

MyWeb is powered by award-winning hosting provider, Digihost. Digihost Hosting is the number one Irish-owned hosting provider, powering over 20,000 internet addresses in Ireland.

We have years of market and technical experience so you can relax with the knowledge that your website is looked after 24x7 by people who care that your website is online.