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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myWeb?

MyWeb is the complete package designed to allow you easily setup your own website with its own unique domain name in minutes. MyWeb is the backend software we give you to control your site content allowing you to easily upload photo's, text, videos and more.

What do I get?

With myWeb you don't have to worry about the really technical stuff behind hosting a website. We provide you with the complete solution, but if you're curious, you get a domain name (you can add more later) a hosting account (from Digihost) with loads of space for lots and lots of files and full integration with the myWeb system allowing you to manage your site and files.

What are the full features of myWeb?

- Hundreds of themed and unique web templates

- Photo Albums

- Blogs

- Feedback Forms

- Guestbook

- Flash intro's

- Tickers

- Voting

- Event planners

- Maps

- Counters

How many email addresses do I get?

Email addresses are great, and it's always great to get a personalised email address. So with myWeb we're giving you 250 email boxes, that means you can setup one for everyone in your family (and the extended family). Each email box can be a personalised mailbox such as you@yourdomain.com.

How much webspace do i get?

We know people like to store everything online so we've designed our hosting plans and myWeb solution around that! We're giving you a whopping 15GB of space for your site. You can also use this space to store images, videos, documents (nothing too sensitive!) and more.

Can I upload my own files, like images?

Yup! Definitely, you can use an FTP application like FileZilla or CuteFTP (for Windows) or CyberDuck (Mac OSX) to upload files. We'll send you out all of the connection details, so you just have to connect to the server and drag and drop files.

I see I can get money off using a myWeb card, where do I get one?

Yep, we've teamed up with some of Ireland's biggest brands in internet solutions on the high streets to deliver our customers a 10% reduction on their first year with myWeb. You can pick up these cards for free at:

- Fone Zone
- Greystone Bus Bureau
- Funland
- Perfect Technology
- Pixels
- Roxy Records
- The Telephone Centre
- The Paper Clip
- Lalloos
- Compuworld
- The Laptop Shop
- SCR Computers
- Templecom
- Tommys Wonderland
- Straight Talk
- Chartbusters
- The Gas Company
- Easons
- Peats
- Harvey Norman
- The Carphone Warehouse

Where do I setup email addresses?

We'll give you access to our hosting control panel that allows you to manage all of your email addresses and access them by webmail too if you want. Login details to the control panel are sent out when you signup. If you get stuck, ring support and they'll happily talk you through the process.

Can I add more domains to point to my main site

You can indeed. You can purchase additional domains through Digihost Hosting